Precision Plastic Moulds, Dies, Tools, Jigs, Fixture, Plastic Moulded Components for Plastic Products & Technical Solutions



State-of-the-art CAD & CAM Terminals, Modern Machineries and Skilled Technicians


Quality Control

Stringent quality control norms to ensure International Standard is followed across our range of products.

Welcome to Torrenza Mould

Torrenza Mould is focused on providing Precision Plastics Moulds, Dies, Tools, Jigs, Fixture, Plastic Moulded Components for Plastic Products & Technical Solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Our low cost & high quality moulds have helped our clients to profitably grow their businesses.

We also specialize in making Auto Injection Moulds, Hot Runner Moulds, Insert Moulds, Single Cavity, and Multi Cavity Moulds, Precision Plastic Moulds and Unscrew Moulds. We have a range of moulds serving the following Industries: Automotive Parts, Pipe Fitting, Kitchenware, Electrical, Home Appliances, Industrial Parts, Sanitary Ware.

Our team consists of skilled technicians and designers who strive to fulfill each & every requirement of the client. State-of-the-art CAD and CAM terminals, Modern Machinery with regular maintenance and strict Quality Control Process ensures that the products are manufactured as close to perfection as the client desired.

Our Products

Innovative ideas are brought to reality by our state-of-the-art CAD and CAM terminals. We always make sure that the client gets an ideal volume of the test-product before manufacturing the entire batch. It is then reviewed and modified to meet the exact design specification.

Our team of designers have gained expertise over the years to use these terminals and create a product with zero-defect policy. We have always been curious to adapt any new technology in the market, learn quickly and skillfully use it. This has helped us to become a pioneer as well as a pacesetter in our sector.

Our skilled technicians are capable of meeting and even exceeding the customer’s requirements on Quality. We have a mixture of modern lathes, complex electric machineries and unique process-flow aiding faster manufacturing of range of products.

With the clear intent of zero-tolerance policy, our engineers work in strict coordination with our designers. This helps to manufacture finest product in-house. Clients have been all-praise about the products when they are delivered and we intend to build further on that trust & satisfaction.

Nowadays, the competition is getting aggressive in every sector. Only the best products survive in this competitive market. Hence, we have a contemporary marketing strategy in place to put our finest products into the hands of the customers. We keep on tweaking our marketing strategy to increase its efficiency.

We have our own service stations, repairing management terminals and required machineries for servicing different types of products. Our talented and efficient engineering team pay a regular visit to client’s doorstep and provide the necessary training. We also conduct dynamic demonstration programs for our clients at our facility.

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